Welcome to Electronic Tendering System of Government of Maharashtra. This System is intended to be used by all Departments, Agencies and Corporations of Maharashtra for processing of the Tenders online. Suppliers and Contractors intending to do business with those Departments, Agencies and Corporations of Maharashtra who have migrated their processes online are invited to register on the Electronic Tendering System.
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CORRIGENDUM-1(Advt dated 24.06.2019)

CORRIGENDUM-2(Advt dated 30.05.2019)

CORRIGENDUM-1(Advt dated 30.05.2019)

corrigendum-1 advt dated 17.05.2019

corrigendum 2(Advt 08.03.2019)

Advt dt 08.03.2019 - Corrigendum 1

Corrigendum 1 (for advt dated 05.03.2019)NOR

Corrigendum 3 (for advt dated 30.01.19)

Corrigendum 1 (for advt dated 30.01.2019)

CORRIGENDUM-1(A)(Advt dated 18.12.2018)

corrigendum-1 (for ADVT dated 01.01.2019)

Corrigendum 1 (for advt dated 21.09.18)

corrigendum-2 (for ADVT dated 07.09.2018)

corrigendum-2 (for ADVT dated 07.09.2018)

Corrigendum 1 (for advt dated 07.09.18)

Corrigendum 2nd (For Advt dated 19.06.2018)

Corrigendum-1 for Advt dated 19.06.2018

Corrigendum 3rd (For Advt dated 17.05.18)

Corrigendum 2nd (for advt dated 17.05.18)

Corrigendum1st (For Advt dated 17.05.18)

Corrigendum 3rd (For Advt dated 16.03.2018)

Corrigendum 1 (For Advt dated 16.03.2018)

Corrigendum 2nd (for advt dated 08.03.18)

Corrigendum 1 for e tender No.269 (for advt dated 16.03.18)

Corrigendum 1 (for advt dated 08.03.18)

Corrigendum 2nd (for advt dated 31.01.18)

Corrigendum 2nd (for advt dated 25.01.18)

Advt dt 31.01.2018-Corrigendum 1

Advt dt 25.01.2018-Corrigendum 1

Advt dated 14.12.17-Corrigendum 2nd

Corrigendum 1 (For Advt dated 14.12.2017)

Corrigendum 2nd (For Advt dated 17.10.2017)

Corrigendum 1 (For Advt dated 17.10.2017)

Corrigendum 3rd (For Advt dated 21.09.2017)

Corrigendum 2nd (For Advt dated 18.09.2017)

Corrigendum 2 (For Advt dated 21.09.2017)

Corrigendum 1 (For Advt dated 18.09.2017)

Corrigendum - 1 (for Advt. Dated 21.09.2017, e-Tender No. 197)

Corrigendum-2 (for advt dated 26.07.2017)

Corrigendum 1st (For Advt dated 26.07.2017)

Corrigendum 3rd for e tender Sr. No.157

Corrigendum 2nd for etender No.157(Advt dated 31.05.2017)

Corrigendum 1st for e-tender No. 157

Corrigendum 1st (Advt dated 25.05.217) E tender 148

Corrigendum -2(For Advt Dated 25.05.2017)

Corrigendum 1st (For Advt dated 25.05.2017)

Corrigendum 2nd (for Advt dated 04.05.2017)

Corrigendum 1 (For Advt. dated 04.05.2017)

Corrigendum 2nd (Advt dated18.04.2017)

Corrigendum-1 (For Advt dated 18.04.2017)

Corrigendum 2nd(For Advt dated 24.03.2017)

Corrigendum-1(For advt dated 24.03.2017)

Corrigendum 2nd(For Advt Dated 28.02.2017)

Corrigendum-1 (For Advt Dated 28.02.2017)

Corrigendum 2nd(Advt dated 17.01.2017)

Corrigendum 4th(For Advt. 19.01.2017)

Corrigendum No.3(For E-Tender Sr.No.68)(Advt dated 19.01.2017)

Corrigendum No.2(For E-Tender Sr. No.68)(Advt dated 19.01.2017)

Corrigendum No.1(For Advt dated 19.01.2017

Corrigendum 1 (E-Tender No.79)

Corrigendum 2 (Advt 16.12.16)

CORRIGENDUM-1 ADVT. 16.12.2016

Corrigendum 1st Advt. 16.12.2016

Corrigendum 2nd (Advt dated 26.10.2016)

Corrigendum 1st 26.10.2016

Tender No.37(Advt dated 08.09.2016) Corrigendum-IV

Tender No.37(Advt dated 08.09.2016) Corrigendum-III

Tender No.37(Advt dated 08.09.2016) Corrigendum-II

Tender No.37(Advt dated 08.09.2016) Corrigendum-I

Tender No.31,32,34 (Advt 09.08.2016)Corrigendum-2

Tender No.29 to 32,34,36(Advt.09.08.2016) Corrigendum 1

Tender No.27 Structural Stability Corrigendum 1

2nd Corrigendum for Advt. dated 12.07.2016




2nd corrigendum


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